The Kota Alliance aims to promote gender equality and empower women around the world by creating a World Center for Women in New York City for non-profit organizations.


The Kota Alliance aims to empower women around the world. It seeks to create a hub in New York City for not-for-profit organizations whose global mission is to improve women's lives. The Center is to provide subsidized office, conference, and event space in New York City to qualified women-focused organizations allowing them to channel critical resources toward their programs in the field. It will be a hub for like-minded organizations, and an incubator for fruitful collaborations.


It is thoroughly documented that women play a critical role in every aspect of international development. Peacebuilding and peacekeeping, sustainable development and poverty reduction, responsible and accountable governance, etc. cannot be accomplished without healthy, literate, and independent women. While our long term goal is to provide a setting for many diverse global women's organizations and enterprises, in the short term we are doing that on a smaller scale out of the CSI Women's Lab.


New York City is the perfect location for a women's hub of this nature: it will engender an atmosphere of partnership to drive forward our common vision of worldwide gender equality in the very place where so many women's organizations are located, including UN Women. The Kota Center will become a new New York institution serving the world at large and facilitating the work for the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Beyond#MeToo: Our World. Our Future Is there hope for a new world order of equal privilege for men and women? This time is inspiring many to take action. Kota's partner organizations have been working already for a while in different ways to increase gender equality and bring opportunities for girls and women. In the long term - but not too distant future - we will establish in NYC a World Center for Women; a hub and incubator for women-focused nonprofits and women social entrepreneurs.  Donations come with REWARDS! Be sure to fill in your mailing address on the form to receive them; please allow up to 4 weeks after the conclusion of the campaign on Dec 31 to receive them. If you choose to forgo the reward, your entire contribution is tax-deductible. Donations of $50 and up also include Kota membership x 1 year.  $20 - Thank you on website $50 - Kota key ring, hand made of reindeer horn from Lapland $75 -  Scandinavian Noir book in English $100 - Bead bracelet made by Kenyan women's cooperative  $150 - Kota umbrella $250 - Noted Japanese food writer Naomi Moriyama will take a group to explore a Japanese supermarket or Whole Foods for ingredients needed in Japanese cooking (date TBD) and invitation to enjoy a typical Japanese home-style meal (see below).  $500 - Invitation to our Destination Dining event on January 28, 2019. Noted Japanese food writer Naomi Moriyama will lead a group of 6 preparing a typical Japanese home-style meal (no sushi) in a private midtown residence. Each participant also gets to invite a friend to join us later at dinner.
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