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Today I am 34 years old. Like I’ve done in previous years, I am giving away my birthday for those who could use gifts a little more. No expensive dinner, no bars, no trips, no new camera gear—you get the picture. Instead, I am asking (if it is within your means to give at this time) to please consider gifting a $34 donation (or less/more) or even $1 to support my campaign. Each dollar you donate will yield a $2 match by an anonymous donor. This means every dollar will have triple the impact. My campaign is on behalf University Settlement Society of New York, whose HEART program is a health and wellness program for adults age 50 and over that provides age-sensitive physical activity, creative expression, peer support and community building. As I get older and witness my family getting older, the more and more I realize the significance of health and wellness and how many people lack the guidance to keep them active, connected, and cared for as they age. Your contribution to University Settlement's HEART program will help over 400 seniors by providing 12 monthly health seminars, more than 40 weekly low-cost arts and wellness classes, and 7 weekly free health and fitness groups. In 2015, 84% of participating older adults in HEART reported better overall health, lowered blood pressure, and improved mental health! Older adults, like many New Yorkers, understand hard work and have worked all their lives to provide and care for their families. With HEART, they have a place where they can finally focus on their own well-being. Thank you for taking the time to learn about University Settlement and for any contributions are you able to make to help support them. And if you can’t donate at this time, donating a share on your social network(s) is just as appreciated and can help me reach my fundraising goal.
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