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Hey guys! I am excited to be going on my FIRST mission trip out of the country! I will be leaving June 11th, and so far have paid $800 out of pocket. I am asking for your donation so that I can help build a home for a family in need and provide supplies to a child development center that serves abused, abandoned and malnourished children. Your donation will go directly to Hope Project International, a nonprofit that I've grown to know and trust. The funds raised go directly to the nonprofit and will cover all the travel, lodging and supply expenses.  Hope Project International mainly serves in Nicaragua. I have copied a paragraph off of their page: "Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America, with almost 80% of it’s population living with less than $2 per day. We partner together with a child development center in Managua and a church in a barrio called Cristo Rey.  On these trips we build homes for families in Cristo Rey, deliver much needed supplies to New Life and Casa Del Rey and participate in the programs there that we support. Since October, 2013 Hope Project has built 47 homes, delivered over 2700 pounds of supplies and provided the funds for more than 70,000 meals for children. Its amazing to see the transformation of lives through these efforts."
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May 19, 2017
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