We find kids who need help and help them by functioning as a bridge between people who want to help and people who need help.


We help children in the areas of Nutrition, Education, Shelter and Spiritual Development.


We sponsor feeding programs in 2 barrios of Nicaragua, which feed 230 children every week; build homes for needy families in Nicaragua and Guatemala by providing all of the funding and manpower to build and furnish each home; support education by sending kids to school in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Asia.


Since October, 2013, in partnership with New Life Nicaragua, Hope Project has built more than 95 homes, delivered over 5500 pounds of supplies and provided the funds for over 150,000 meals for children. Consider making a $40 donation to meet the needs of a child in Myanmar.

This project has been completed! We raised more than $13000 and were able to purchase and deliver a truck to the Sanchez family in March, 2017! You can read more about the presentation of the vehicle here http://www.newlifenicaragua.org/blog/2017/3/11/the-reward-of-simple-faith.html It was a very special moment for everyone in attendance. A HUGE thank you to everyone that gave towards this project! Together, we are changing the world.  We received word that Pastor Carlos, our partner in Cristo Rey, Nicaragua, was in an accident while taking his daughter to school on his motorcycle. He hurt his shoulder badly. We have been discussing, for awhile, the possibility of raising the funds to purchase their family a used truck that they can use to travel together as well as for ministry. We know that they have had some issues on public transportation in the past and each time we hear about something like that the idea of a truck comes back up. When we heard about the accident it again confirmed the need and our desire to take this on as a project. For $15,000 we can provide the Sanchez family with a truck. This would significantly improve the quality of their life as well as their ability to serve their community. We appreciate every gift towards this project and everyone that helps us spread the word. Together, we can change the world. *To date we have received a total of $13,050 for this project. More details here http://www.hopeprojectintl.com/pastorcarlos/
5% raised
$15,000.00 goal