Founded by @DiandraKalish in May 2015. We empower girls and women in need in NYC by providing period education and reusable feminine hygiene products.
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Our $1000 goal will give over 100 low income women access to a sustainable period solution for 5 years! UnTabooed is committed to breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation by providing menstrual health education and sustainable menstrual products to women in need, and promoting conversation among people everywhere. UnTabooed breaks the taboo by educating women about menstruation and alternative feminine hygiene products that can save them money, save the planet, and save them the hassle of worrying where their next pad or tampon is coming from. Starting in New York City, we use reusable menstrual products to help women take a step out of poverty. We aim to take away the shame and the “ick factor” that most women associate with menstruation by empowering and helping them reclaim their dignity. We strive to make sure women stay safe and healthy by educating about overall menstrual health. Finally, we help the environment by helping more women switch from the conventional disposable menstrual products to reusable products. Donate $35 or more and receive our official UnTabooed tote bag. (To order, simply select "Give in honor of a loved one", and type "Tote Bag" into the message field. If you would like the tote sent to a different address than your own, please include that address in this field.) Learn more at untabooed.org UnTabooed is fiscally sponsored by the Kota Alliance.
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